Here and Branxton Boutique Op shop we welcome donations from the public. However sometimes we aren't able to sell things that people drop off for us due to insurance or health reasons. So to help you out we have made a list of items that we can't accept as donations.

We cannot accept the following:-
1. Dirty or wet clothes
2 Any Electrical Items & Mattresses
3. Baby Items – Prams, Strollers, High Chairs, Cots, Mattresses, Walkers, Car Seats
4. Soiled or broken item - toys
5. Clothing with broken zips
6. Torn books
7. Also extremely wet clothes
8. Gas Bottles
9. Paint tins
10. Dirty or broken items of furniture

Why? Soiled, ripped, broken or otherwise
unusable items can’t be sold and it becomes a problem for your local op shop - a costly problem.
Clothes are sorted according to their wearability and marketability, so make sure items are clean and preferably wrinkle-free. Obvious stains, rips or broken zips etc will result in the item being rejected, so only donate clothes you would not be embarrassed to give to a friend.